2018 Summer Trends

Summer is here! We can feel it in the air, can you? We’re past the 2018 predictions and here to highlight exactly what you need in your wardrobe to make a place in the sun. 

Dolce and Gabbana Mustard Jacket


Straight out of our crayon packs, the suits for this season are a burst of bright, happy hues Spreading the summer love with shades of Lapis blue, Hazelnut and Kale. It’s all about taking it a step further this summer and you’ll be doing it the right way if you go totally tonal. 

Brad Pitt GQ Interview


It’s not just the song by Camila Cabello that’s been a rage this year but also the ever-green (literally) and fresh appeal of the tropical summer shirts. Inspired by the beach wave, it’s time to get fearless, skip the essential hues, and get wacky with your wardrobe colors.


It’s 2018, and plaids show no signs of checking out. So if you thought it’s time to tuck the wales and glens to the back of your closet, think again! Embrace these nearly classic styles and face this summer heat HEAD ON.


There is nothing more winsome on a man than an impeccably tailored suit/ shirt. It’s not just about what you own but how you own it.  When most play around with the boxy silhouettes and the baggy shorts, we say: Take the tailored route. Look spruced up yet ready to party throughout the season. 


The royal aura that surrounds the purple shade is hitting the red carpet and our closet faster than ever this season. Dare to wear this majestic color out to work, or if you’re feeling truly adventurous, wear it out to that special date; tweak up your look with black and white oxfords and a classic white shirt, and you’re sure to pull off the dapper Willy Wonka appeal. 

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