7 Days! 7 Looks

Starting this Christmas, New Year is only 7 days away. We are using this as just another excuse to get decked up, ready to partaayy! As Christmas marks the beginning of a new week, we’ve decided to put our weekly style guide to good use.


Monday! Christmas day!

It’s Christmas morning and the holiday mood is on full swing! Your house is probably bustling with the sound of your annoying aunts laughter and the Christmas carol on repeat but you have an eventful day lined up ahead. Prepping up the Christmas special maybe a daunting task but it’s even more important to Show off those dapper looks you put together for the holiday season.


Tuesday Hangover!


Wednesday Ladies Night!

We all know Wednesdays mark free drinks and easy club entries for your female counterparts.

Thursday- The Almost Weekend!

It’s neither mid week not the weekend.

Pre-weekend Friday!

The last working day of the holiday season calls for a celebratory drink or two.

New Year Prep Saturday!

It’s not just another Saturday here in Santa town. We’re prepping for the new year and we’re doing it the right way.


Sunday- The Final Countdown!









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