10 questions to ask while getting a Custom Tailored Suit

Investing in a custom tailored suit can be an intriguing experience for all first-timers. It is a meticulous process of picking out the right fabric, designing the perfect style and waiting for the masterpiece to be carefully crafted to perfection. There are essentially two parts to the shopping experience; the consultation and the fitting. The more information you share with your stylists the easier it would be for them to recommend and design the right look for you.
We have noted few of the most important questions you can ask your stylists for a comprehensive understanding of what entails your custom tailored suit.

What do you recommend for me?

Designing to suit the individual is one of the major plays of custom clothing. Your Made-to-Measure stylist is accustomed to handling varied customers with varied body shapes and skin tones, and their experience can help you understand a little more about what works best for you.

What is the current suit trend in the market?

Suits have evolved over the years and it’s important to wear a design that is relevant for today.

Last year it was all about monograms and elaborate embroideries while this year we see an interesting take on textures and earthy tones. Keep yourself updated on the latest trend to get your suit game on-point.

What is the most popular suit style designed by other customers?

This is usually a great question for someone venturing into the suit world and looking to play it safe yet stylish. With velvets, textures, and shades of purple and pink hitting the season’s essential list, we recommend trusting your stylists to whip out unique design elements to help you stand out from the rest.

What’s the ideal fit?

Slim fits mark the current menswear trend but we recommend finding a cut that works for you; For example, if you have a broader frame we suggest trying wider lapels, straighter cuts and vertical patterns to balance the overall appeal. Sit with your stylists to understand your body shape and find the perfect fit for your suit.

What fabric is ideal for the occasion?

Fabrics define the suit construction. For example, donning a suave wool blazer in the summers may not be the smartest choice if you’re looking to beat the heat. That said, at Tailorman we provide exquisitely light-weight super wools that keep you cool in the summer weather.

What kind of detailing can help to enhance the appeal of the suit?

A trim lapel piping, custom monograms, metallic buttons, all add the much-needed appeal to a suit and help complete your look. While most companies offer a range of customization options, Tailorman truly helps you personalize every aspect of your suit- from the length of your sleeve to the requisite fit, every element of the suit defines YOU.

Is there a way to see the final fit?

This is one of the more daunting queries while designing your first custom suit but Tailorman carries try-on garment to help visualize the final look. The try-on is only an indicator of the fit and possibly the style you’ve chosen but it also helps to ease into the customization process.

How many fitting sessions will it take to complete the suit?

It’s always good to understand the expected time it would take to tailor the complete suit. Keep yourself available for the scheduled fitting sessions to ensure the best possible result also allowing you to catch a glance of what the suit will finally look like. This is also the time where you can make your little tweaks and changes in possible design elements to elevate your design.

Can I get my suit altered?

Most custom menswear brands promise you the perfect fit and upcharge for any further alterations post-purchase. At Tailorman we like to factor in the unknowns and allow our customers to alter their garments within 3 months of their purchase for free.The idea is to build an approachable, customer oriented brand that stays connected to its customers post the shopping experience.

How do I ensure suit durability?

Designing a custom suit is an investment of your time and money. As they traditionally cost higher than off-the-rack garments we recommend always dry cleaning your suit to ensure it looks and feels as new as you first bought it. Consult your stylists for specific fabric care details.

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